Indonesian rubber tapper Jahrah, killed and swalled by 22 foot python

The media reported that an indonesian woman Jahrah was swallowed by a 22 foot reticulated python
The woman was a rubber tapper who went inside the forest in Jambi province for collecting rubber
When she did not return home, her family went searching for her.
They did not find her but found some clothes, and a large python with a bloated stomach
When the stomach was cut open the body of the woman was found inside
The woman must have been strangled and then swallowed by the python in a process which may have taken at least two hours.
There are other people who are also killed and swallowed by pythons in Indonesia

Bhakti art rubber bands are not easily available

One of the major problems women with thinning hair have is finding suitable rubber bands to tie their hair
there are plenty of rubber bands suitable for women with thick hair, however these are not suitable for thinning hair.
Also many of the rubber bands are not of good quality, they get spoiled quickly
The local retailer had some small rubber bands from bhakti rubber arts.
Though the packet was expensive at Rs 60, it was a good quality pouch, and there were a large number of rubber bands available
However, now the retailer said that the rubber bands are not easily available. Anyone who can supply can contact on