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Classic Rubber Products.

stockiest of O-rings in various Polymers, stocking inventory of more than 15 Million O-rings. Upon your request our stock list can be emailed.We also provide a wide variety of rubber extrusions. These include custom extruded profiles in continuous lengths or cut to length and intricate profile shapes in a wide range of compounds to meet various temperatures, Weather and technical specifications.

PS: Extruded products can be provided in : Nbr ( Nitrile ), Viton ( Fkm) , Epdm, Silicon & Neoprene.
Extruded Viton/NBR Cords in stock upto 25mm at best rates available.

Products + O-Rings + Oil Seals
+ Oring Kits + Splicing Kits
+ Oring Cords + Tubings
+ Backup Rings + Quod Rings
+ H type / P type Extrusions + CChannels / U Channels

+ Nbr (Nitrile) +Fluorocarbon(Viton)
+ Silicon (VMQ) +FluoroSilicon(FVMQ)
+ Chloroprene(Neoprene) + Aflas (TFE/P)
+ FFKM + Natural Rubber
+ EPDM + Hypalon
+ SBR + PTFE (Teflon)
+ Polyurethane (AU) + Butyl Rubber (IIR)

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