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China's hebei xingtai Aozhong automobile parts co., LTD., the company registered capital of 3 million yuan, is the automotive rubber products, corrugated pipe, ventilation pipes, air intake hose, buffer block, rubber shock absorber, rubber shock absorber railway locomotives and rail sleeves, as a bridge rubber shock absorber, rubber shock absorber construction work, for construction projects and other rubber products as well as air filter, cabin air filters , oil filters.
Production and processing company, with a complete and scientific quality management system.

making silicone & rubber parts. We have been exporting these parts many years, all parts with good quality and pretty competitive price.
New Focus Rubber
86-755-8256 3091
Add: Zhenlian Rd, Fusha Industrial Park, Fusha Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

market of silicone rubber products in your market,we specialized in this field for several years. Like:
1. Silicone dinnerware,silicone baking molds,cake/chocolate molds.
2. OEM/ODM silicone skin,silicone cover.
3. Silicone bracelet,silicone wristband,silicone band.
4. Silicone o-ring sealing,silicone oil seal,gaskets
5. Silicone tube, silicone cord/strip/hose.
6. Other customized silicone rubber parts.
All products is for the Good quality and pretty Competitive price to you, Samples will be sent for your evaluation if you need!
Ms Fiona
TOGOHK International Limited

Plastic-Rubber Products OR Aluminum zinc alloy products suppliers,
. CNM Company Based in Shenzhen, China, has built a reputation as a quality mold making company.
They export globally to USA, Canada, France, Germany, England Russia and Israel.CNM has built a reputation for high quality injection molds and metal products. They operate 24/7, have a high level of engineering expertise, and have high-end mold making and molding equipment.CNM is a trustworthy, reputable injection molder in China.
we are offering services including:
CNC Machined Prototype
Rapid Precision Maching
Polyurethane Casting
Rapid Pressure Die Casting
Rapid Plastic Injection Molding