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PRE INK Rubber Stamps EHCPRINT is the company in India. provide best quality product at affordable price.
They use good quality of ink and rubber for a long life of your stamp.
And we also give a Key ring as a gift for all user's.
We provide different Type Stamps.
Office Use PRE INK Stamp Starting Price: Rs. 180/-
Pocket PRE INK Rubber Stamp Starting Price: Rs. 180/-

Shipping free.
Our delivery service all India by DTDC & Blue Dart Courier.

The cost of a rubber stamp varies depending on the location, and quality. In Mumbai, the price of the rubber stamp is fairly less, while in Goa, in some cases, the cost of the rubber stamp can be Rs 300 . It also depends on how many lines are engraved. Other rubber stamp suppliers who wish to list their rubber stamp, can send an email to