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Washing machine repair services in Krasnogorsk include supply and installation of rubber spare parts

Every washing machine has a large number of rubber parts like gaskets, seals and washers. These parts degrade over time, due to which there may be water leakage and other problems Krasnogorsk Master, a home appliance repair business offers expert repair of washing machines in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia for all major washing machine brands like

Customers who wish to get their washing machine repaired can contact the business on all days of the week. Since quality rubber parts and other spare parts are used for repair, a warranty of 12 months is offered on the repair work.

Replacement rubber caps for furniture and exercise equipment

Furniture and exercise equipment use hollow metal tubes, for greater strength
Usually aluminum is used, since it is light in weight and does not get rusted quickly
The metal tube end sections can damage the flooring and also cause injuries if exposed.
So usually the end section is covered with a rubber cap
The rubber cap is not fitted tightly and is often lost when the furniture or exercise equipment is stored.
Finding replacement rubber caps is time consuming.

Rubber gaskets, seals, spare parts for domestic hot water boilers

Boil-R specialises in supply of a wide range spare parts for household gas boilers of major manufacturers. They mainly supply their spares to service centers in the Russian Federation at present.
Seals and gaskets for domestic hot water boilers are available for different models and brands of boilers at affordable rates.
Depending on the boiler model different types of gaskets and seals are used. Customers can purchase individual gaskets, seals or a set of gaskets and seals used for the boiler . Rubber gaskets are used for the pump connection.
The dimensions of the seals and gaskets are also specified.
For each gasket, seal, the brand and model number is often provided, so that buyers can easily find the right spare part for their hot water boiler.

Polen topgrip rubber band

the Polen topgrip rubber band has the following features
– high elasticity
– high grade latex
Sizes available in inches
– 0.5
– 1
– 1.5
– two
– three
– four
Approximate weight: 8 gm
Price : Rs 10
Please note that the rubber band has been purchased paying the market price and the listing is for free.This information is listed free for reference only and compiled from newspapers/flyers/email or purchased product, for a free listing please email
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Universal Outdoor Acoustical Blankets Acoustic Blanket Collapsible Barrier Noise Barrier Curtains

Universal Outdoor Acoustical Blankets Acoustic Blanket Collapsible Barrier Noise Barrier Curtains

NoiseBarrierTarp is one of the leading professional manufacturers engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of acoustic materials in Guangdong Province. Our factory covers 5, 000 square meters with several advanced production lines. Our company has won China Certificate for Enabling Products & China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate.

Recent Inquiries

(1). We need noise barrier wall for installation at sides of a highway, If you are a manufacturing factory for this item, pls give me technical and commercial information on different types you may manufacture?

(2). I’d like to receive a quote for the supply of 60mq of soundproof removable panel model 100 with the following features: nr 2 – 10 meters long, 3 meters high and 1 meter wide. I ask you to receive the quote Incoterm DAP to our storehouse located in Cantu’, zip code 220630, (Italy). I’d also like to know in the material has the CE certifications for fire and other certifications.

Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk

Insulation Australia Acoustic Noise Barrier Insulation Material Noise Reduction Barrier

Our products are selling well in Brisbane Australia, Hamilton Canada, Birkenhead United Kingdom, Jessore Bangladesh, Fos, Monclova Mexico, Tacloban Philippines, Pohang South Korea, Porto Portugal, Bandar Anzali Iran, Tumkur India, Paita Peru, and other countries and regions in the world.

With a professional team, our products have successfully sold to customers of home theater installer, design consulting studio, general contracting company, fit out construction firm, etc. InteriorNDecoration provides customized curtains and curtains, blinds, home accessories, event decoration and interior design services. RenovationAJ offers renovations, alterations, kitchens, bathrooms, structural repairs, house additions, roofs and custom cabinets. QNZNUF is a leading interior design company specializing in interior design, decoration and contract work. YQWTB is a full-service external company that provides roofing and siding services for homes and businesses in the Edmonton area. JKRIQ provides a variety of products, including: ready-mixed concrete and related contractor’s equipment and supplies; household and commercial glass, etc.

It can be used for noise enclosures, industrial equipments, gearbox casings noise reduction, traffic noise reduction fences, thermal generating station, compressor housing, road saw noise reduction, extended construction site working hours, general plant noise, liquid cooler noise control, and so on.

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Rubber glove manufacturer – mailer republished


We are Glove Manufacturer and we are open for orders from buyers, Kindly send your inquiries to our esteem company if interested in our brand.
We have good services from inquiry to After-sales.

We produce: Nitrile Gloves, Sterile surgical gloves, Latex Gloves, Rubber Gloves

Ta Trung Kien (Mr.)

Add:22 OT10, Landmark 81 Vinhomes Central Park, 720A Dien Bien Phu St, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Phone: 2866519173
Fax: 2866519173

PO#7A68D23 Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd

Large number of rubber companies receive/send phishing emails.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Good day to you,

Please find attached our APRIL PURCHASE LIST (PO#7A68D23), company profile and revert back to us with your PI and ETA to port of Fujian China.

Looking forward to your valuable confirmation.

best regards

Karen Zhang

Sales Manager
Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.
Fengting Industry Park, Xianyou County,
Putian, Fujian, China.
Mobile: +8605947530215
Fax : +86059475303800
Email :

Technical Rubber phishing mail

RE: EX 23 – 003 – 6350937080 // RE: COT – EXP 004/23 – Rates – Euro // RE: COTIZACIÓN FLETE ARICA – BILBAO / ROTTERDAM / BARCELONA


Respected Sir/Madam


Please quote your best competitive prices/availability for our requirement as attached (RFQ Nunvo Document Attached).

Kindly mention below items clear in your quotation.


Shortest Delivery Time
Currency of Quoted Prices
Clear Notes for any Deviations from the specified specification
Validity of Offer and Quoted Prices
Payment Terms
Transport Mode/Transportation Charges to our plant in Sohar

NOTES : COO – Reputed European Brands preferred.

We sincerely hope to receive your offer at the earliest.


Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for further clarifications.



Kind Regards


Zaid Abubakar Siddique

Sales Engineer

NEKTEL, Technical Rubber LLC, Sohar, Oman

P.O Box 93 | P.C. 327 | Sohar Industrial Estate | Sohar | Sultanate of Oman

Mob No: +968 96431786 | Tel: +968 22056391 I Fax: +968 26751643 | Email: | Website:

NEKTEL – An Arabian Industries LLC Group Company

Indonesian rubber tapper Jahrah, killed and swalled by 22 foot python

The media reported that an indonesian woman Jahrah was swallowed by a 22 foot reticulated python
The woman was a rubber tapper who went inside the forest in Jambi province for collecting rubber
When she did not return home, her family went searching for her.
They did not find her but found some clothes, and a large python with a bloated stomach
When the stomach was cut open the body of the woman was found inside
The woman must have been strangled and then swallowed by the python in a process which may have taken at least two hours.
There are other people who are also killed and swallowed by pythons in Indonesia

Bhakti art rubber bands are not easily available

One of the major problems women with thinning hair have is finding suitable rubber bands to tie their hair
there are plenty of rubber bands suitable for women with thick hair, however these are not suitable for thinning hair.
Also many of the rubber bands are not of good quality, they get spoiled quickly
The local retailer had some small rubber bands from bhakti rubber arts.
Though the packet was expensive at Rs 60, it was a good quality pouch, and there were a large number of rubber bands available
However, now the retailer said that the rubber bands are not easily available. Anyone who can supply can contact on