wearing hawaii or rubber chappals at home protects the feet

As people grow older, they develop cracks in their feet which can be very painful, especially in winter.
So it is better to wear hawaii or rubber chappals to protect the feet.
These chappals cushion the feet from the hard floor.
Additionally they can reduce the electric shock to some extent.
Individuals who are used to wearing hawai chappals at home, finding it difficult to walk barefoot
So if they are staying at a place without chappals, they will first purchase chappals

Industrial rubber sheet specifications

Industrial rubber sheet manufacturers and suppliers provided the following specifications

Physical Property of different types of rubber sheets
Gasket material rubber sheet
Oil and gas anti-corrosion rubber
Chemical rubber sheet
FDA white rubber sheet
Technical rubber sheet
CR / Viton

Insulating / Flame retardant etc.
1mm -100mm
1.3g/cm³ – 1.9cm³
1.4g/cm³ – 1.7cm³ /
1.9g/cm³ – 2.0g/cm³
1.4g/cm³ – 1.7cm³ /
1.9g/cm³ – 2.0g/cm³
35±5 Shore A – 80±5 Shore A
60±5Shore A / 65±5Shore A
/ 70±5Shore A
60±5Shore A / 65±5Shore A /
70±5Shore A
60±5Shore A
65±5Shore A
Tensile strength
1Mpa – 8Mpa
3Mpa / 5Mpa /
7-8Mpa / 12Mpa
2-3Mpa / 5Mpa
/ 7-8Mpa
2Mpa / 3Mpa
100% – 700%
230% – 380%
160% – 320%
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