Rubber o-ring

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XHW of China ShenZhen mailer republished.

We are professional rubber & silicone products manufacturer, our factory has ISO9001 and TS16949.

Our main products: compression mould/transfer mould/injection mould/rubber o-ring/rubber seal/rubber gasket/rubber grommet/rubber bellow/rubber hose/rubber ball/rubber extrusion parts/customized rubber parts/ Silicone wire seal/silicone watch strap/silicone keypads/liquid silicone parts

we used main rubber material: NBR,EPDM,CR,SI,FKM,HNBR,SBR,PU,TPE,ECO,ACM,IIR,IR etc.

We have 20 years experience for these products.

I am sales manager and mechanical engineer also, hope you can help you, if you have demands in this field, please send me engineer drawings in 2D and 3D format and quantity, so we can quote for you first.

Joy Zhong

ShenZhen XinHaiWang Technology Co., Ltd

Tel.: 0086-755-28228900

Fax: 0086-755-89930110